Well They Were Wrong Then Weren’t They

If anyone thought that I could get though this week-end unscathed…

Cuatro de Mayo I was 207.8 or something like that….Amazing what a little birthday celebration at your favorite Mexican restaurant will do to you followed by a BBQ on Sunday complete with Filipino food, continuing the 16th birthday celebration which actually didn’t arrive until today.


OK, I can’t avoid it…

I got on the scale this morning expecting a little gain.  OH MY $%*#@%^ WORD!!!  I climbed up to over 213 pounds.  THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN TO NORMAL PEOPLE!!!  Just call me Abby….Abby something….Abby Normal.

photo courtesy off foolishquestions.blogspot.com

I know that I can shed it right off but that isn’t the point…I wanted to hurl my scale out the window all the while cursing the fact that Mexican food is just so darn yummy!

And yes, I had  margaritas…no that is not a typo…margaritas, plural meaning more than one.  I had dos margaritas.

Well, it is Monday and it is back to the drawing board.

photo courtesy of digitaldiner.org

There was a bit of excitement this weekend as I became a new mom to a 7 1/2 week old baby girl kitty that I named ELE (Extinction Level Event).  I just call her Miss Ele.  She is sweet as can be!

Miss Ele
 Take It Or Leave It… 
If you overindulge, don’t dwell on it, get right back into the game!  I had a major setback but I am not going to throw in the towel and give up my lifestyle change because of some of some refried beans and pancit!  All it means is that I have to work that much harder this week.  : )
Glad to be in a wonderful month of May supportive, friendly challenge with such a great group of bloggers…Thank you all for your wonderful support this past year!

9 thoughts on “Well They Were Wrong Then Weren’t They

  1. That was a great tip Abbi! I will have to check them out too. You got this Chica … you and me both! Hoping the scales will be down in the AM, but DAMN — it wasn’t supposed to jump up like that. I know what you mean about abby normal.

    • Shonnie, I can look at food and the scale goes up! It is insane. I can consume the same amount of food as an average person at any given time and I will gain several pounds! NO FAIR! ; )

      • I know girl. I wish I could say I don’t. they say — you can’t build that much muscle … no one does. I said … “so why do I pop the scales so high?” Water weight says the Trainer. But my fat sits on the top of the muscle and I LOOK WAY bigger … kinda like a wrestler. hahahaha! I can lose weight OR I can exercise. I have to exercise — my body hurts so bad if I don’t. I am gonna figure out how to do both. Just sayin’

  2. Congrats on cat…..btw, I am absolutely in love with your attitude! I’m falling back once in awhile with my weight but, I do know today’s the day I was given for a new chance to make it happen!

    I’ve decided to go for a little at a time. I’ll just focus on my incremental goals. Can’t get to the final without hitting the incrementals, first.

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