These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

I started of my Mother’s Day morning pleading with my almost all adult children to watch The Sound of Music with me.  It was such a beautiful day here in Seattle that it reminded me of my own favorite things…

No raindrops in Seattle, the sun in the sky
Watching the Notebook, that shit makes me cry
Decorated packages tied up with strings
I get all excited if they contain bling. 
Cream in my coffee and yes I love apple struedel
Hearing the phrase, “I’ll beat you with a wet noodle.”
Unplanned outings when you don’t know what the day will bring
These are a few of my favorite things
Good-looking guys with sexy arm tattoos
I love expensive wine but will drink cheap if I have to
German Motor cars when their engines revved sing
These are a few of my favorite things.
When the kids fight
When my MAC runs slow
When my day is bad
I simply pour myself a glass or two of wine 
And then I don’t feel so bad!
: )

 I have had an exceptionally busy week but it has ended with an absolutely fantastic Mother’s Day.  It was a gorgeous afternoon spent out outside underneath my gazebo chatting with my daughters and asking the boys to bring us water and lemonade. My husband grilled up some “Seattle Dogs” which are NOT on my diet but one of my favorite treats (Grilled sausages split in half, layered with cream cheese, green peppers and onions and mustard). Naughty? Yes!  Happy Mother’s Day to me. I can’t say that my eating habits were fantastic this weekend but they were great during the week.  Elysia and I have decided to jump back into South Beach tomorrow which seems to be the best plan for us.  While that means that I am supposed to give up caffeine for two weeks, I also recognize that I am more than willing to give up Coke Zero but DO NOT TAKE MY COFFEE AWAY!  If it weren’t for the weekends, I would have reached my darn goal by now.  Grrr.

This week will start out very busy again as my youngest son is recognized tomorrow evening for his committment to the Explorers program (he wants to be a police officer) and I am still attending my HAM radio class on Tuesdays and the Citizen’s Police Academy on Thursdays. I am getting pretty tired out and I am trying hard to relax on the weekends.  I think that is my biggest hurdle, when I think of relaxing that usually means no cooking and that leads to poor food choices.  As I have stated before, it is hard when one person in the home wants to be healthy and the other does not have that on the agenda.  This is a constant struggle for me and I need to work harder at overcoming the issue.

I hope all of you Moms out there had a wonderful day filled with love and your favorite things. I also hope that all the men out there who have been both mom and dad also enjoyed the day.  : )




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