Coming Up For Air

I have had writer’s block for about a week now.  I can think of so many things to slap up here but nothing really pertains to weight loss.  Yeah, you already know I blew it over the week-end but meat grilled on a stick is darn yummy.  I have no excuse.

Busy busy busy…

Last week in the Citizen’s Police Academy I got to shoot an AR-15, a Glock 9, a Glock 40 and a 12 gauge shotgun.  I loved shooting the AR-15 and both Glocks.  I wasn’t that thrilled with the kick of the shotgun.  I suppose it would do the trick if somebody entered my home. The AR-15, simply put, is bad ass.  My little Raven .25 now feels wimpy compared to all of the others but I still like the way it shoots.

I have been studying relentlessly for my Amateur Radio Operators Exam tomorrow.  I have taken 16 practice tests and passed them all so I don’t know what I am concerned about.  I am certain I will do fine. Thank goodness one class will be out of the way and I will have a little more breathing room. I can’t wait to see what my CC&Rs say about putting up an antenna on my roof.

: )

I figured out a way to sleep through my kitten gnawing off my appendages.  Over the weekend I took a few doses of Tylenol Simply Sleep and slept through the kitty rampage.  Every once in a while I woke up in a bit of a twilight sleep and pulled in my toes and fingers (Ele’s favorite things to bite).  Around 3-4 in the morning she gets put in the bathroom where her own bed is so I can get a tad bit more sleep.  I hope to go into work tomorrow bright-eyed and busy tailed.  : )

What has been going on in your world?






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