Road Warrior

Even though I was under the weather yesterday, I didn’t want to miss out on SEAPAC so we trekked it 4 hours to Seaside, Oregon.  I was looking to find a good deal on a hand held amateur radio transceiver and I decided it was worth the road trip, besides, who can say no to the ocean!

The FCC issued my call sign on Friday (KF7WDC) and I was super pumped about checking out my knowledge.  Upon arriving at the convention I realized that I didn’t know squat about radios and I was fortunate that my HAM instructor was at SEAPAC and pointed me in the right direction.  I went a little bit over budget.  I spent more than I should have   Wow that equipment is spendy!  I purchased an ICON 80AD hand held complete with GPS lapel mic.  I also purchased the  antenna, coaxel and fittings for my Juke.  Hey, I said I was sick didn’t I…

If there is any question about whether or not I ate healthy during this road trip…the answer is a solid NO.  No. sorry. No way.  Spicy pork rinds are my road trip favorite.  It didn’t help that breakfast was consumed at a diner and dinner was at a Mexican place.  HOWEVER, I did walk around for several hours at the convention and then proceeded to walk with my family in the sand for quite some time at Cannon Beach, Oregon.  I think I am going to frame this pic I took.  : )

Cannon Beach, Oregon

I am really looking forward to my evenings freeing up.  I graduate this Thursday from the Citizen’s Police Academy and then my evenings should be clear for a while.  The only thing I will have on my plate is being on call as a volunteer emergency worker and learning more about being a HAM.  : )

I can now get back into my writing, get my diet back on track  and train my evil kitten wonderful new addition to stop biting me in the middle of the night.  The sickness that I believe I have….I am not even joking….my daughter had this when she was young after we got a new kitten…I think Ted Nugent said it best…

I have so many scratches on my legs that I resemble a Sasquatch from my inability to shave over my wounds. My legs have been used by ELE as a scratching post and she uses them to practice tree climbing while I am putting my make-up on in the morning. The name ELE (Extinction Level Event) was a perfect name for this little kitty. My chihuahuas are learning to sit with their tails underneath them so she doesn’t attack their tiny tails! What is the saying….Cat’s rule? It’s true! That little ball of fluff rules the house and our hearts. It is those moments when she climbS onto my lap, curls up and begins to purr…..AWWWWWWWWWW. : )



6 thoughts on “Road Warrior

  1. Outstanding picture! Is that Haystack? For some reason I don’t remember all the other rocks around it… but maybe it’s just because it’s from a different angle then we are used to seeing. And sand-walking is MAJOR excercise.
    Glad you had a good day… even though the pocketbook suffered.

  2. Haystack is actually to the immediate right of this picture. I have a beautiful shot of it as well, I just loved the way the light reflected off the water here. : )
    It was a fun adventure, even though you might find me singing next to the side of the road with a hat at my feet. ; )

  3. Left clicked on pic – Nice shot. Reflection was perfect.

    Be nice to wonderful new addition as evil sends off bad vibes. Cats don’t like bad vibes. I have one that reacts appropriately to vibes. Bet she can’t sense. ‘evil’ being written. Never mind….yes, she can.

  4. Hope all is well with you as you haven’t been around for a couple of days. Come back – You’re missed when you’re not around……

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