Hamming It Up

After walking in a parade on Saturday, helping to “man” fair booths and helping out with communications for a race on Sunday…I was more than ready to crawl into bed and begin a new work week. Although I must say that I greatly enjoyed playing with my new HAM radio. It looks like I will get the opportunity to use my newly acquired skills again next Saturday as I help out with radio communications for a triathlon.

I genuinely thought that breaking into the mostly male world of HAM radio would be like a female executive trying to join the Augusta Golf Club however I was mistaken! I was pleasantly surprised to receive an incredible amount of help and support from the opposite sex. Just when I thought I had males all figured out they go and prove me wrong! ; )

So there I was at a large community event sitting at a booth and basking in the glory of shamefully eating an elephant ear. I also ate an Italian steak sandwich with great delight shame. Aren’t I the little food rebel! Today I am feeling quite guilty about my over-indulgence but I will try to get over that quickly. Confession: I ate pizza for dinner last night as well. Yeah so…moving right along.

In other news…my new kitten ELE decided to Freddy Kruger my $300 cellular blinds and gnawed the beads off of my look-but-don’t-ever-touch-these bathroom towels. I have more scratches and bite marks than a freaking lion tamer and I have invested in about as much catnip as a premium meth dealer does for the tweekers! I am owned! I have tried to explain to my chihuahuas that catnip is NOT a gateway drug but they both look at me daily with a tremendous amount of disgust and disappointment. My grown-up children begged for this creature and now that we are all being shredded like lettuce for salad and this thing creeps around like something from the movie The Grudge, they blame me by saying “You are the one who wanted a kitten!”. My response is “REALLY???”

Take It Or Leave It…
Round cork balls that have sat for awhile in a dime bag of catnip work well to amuse a overly playful kitten. Should that fail, take out a large, stemmed glass and pour yourself a bottle glass of wine while hiding in a room where the kids kitty can’t get to you….both of these methods have worked for me!


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4 thoughts on “Hamming It Up

  1. As long as the pizza had anchovies….Give the cat something to play with that, it can’t do without. Then, as the Kreuger action begins…..put the new toy in a closet with the cat’s full attention, and close the door as Freddie innocently charges the closet for recovery………splat!

    • I should have given the cat my pizza! : ) Many people sleep with guns for protection, I sleep with a squirt bottle! That lovely kitty has more toys than Santa can deliver…I have shamefully spoiled her but love the idea of her running into a closet door! Muaaahahahaha!!!!

  2. Love those elephant ears! I am so glad that the men in the HAM radio are helping you out. Men have a way of surprising us.That cat is possessed or has too much catnip. Hope you have a fab day!

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