Been Within

I have been on a bit of a self discovery mission for the past few weeks and I would like to bring up an issue that isn’t discussed openly in the weight loss world…


There. I said it.

I have recognized that I am reverting back to old eating patterns and pulling away from many things that I enjoy including writing. Depression doesn’t necessarily mean that you are experiencing sadness, you may not even recognize that you have lost interest in things that are normally of importance to you.  I have found that I have thrown myself into my work, into keeping busy but not really confronting the real issues.  It is important to recognize that if you do not deal with your emotional pain or weaknesses, you will have great difficulty in your weight-loss efforts.

Healing the mind is as important as shedding those unwanted pounds and is vital to adding years on to your life.  Recently someone made a not so subtle implication that due to my character or I guess I should say, lack there of, that perhaps I wasn’t the right person to set out on a journey that I was excited to try to leap into.  Normally I would have brushed this off and moved right along but instead, the flood gates of my emotional past opened up and drowned me with self-doubt and self-criticism.  Next thing I knew I was stuffing my face full of comfort food trying to make myself feel better, the fix was only momentary.  The good news is that I have learned to recognize this about myself and end the cycle early on instead of eating my way through years of tears.  I refuse to feel sorry for myself for very long.

I know that for my own self, I am in the middle of a major change of course in my life.  If you are sitting at home and feeling sorry for yourself, stuffing your face full of junk….put it down and take a look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you deserve better.  If you don’t have the support at home or you don’t have a partner who is making you feel worthy then toss him/her out with the junk food and tell yourself once again…I AM WORTHY!

I know for a fact that I am getting stronger and I hope you are, too….







2 thoughts on “Been Within

  1. You are indeed, worthy….to say the least!

    What kind of person specializes in trying to make people feel bad? What does that say for them? Have to dispense with comments from people like that as they are trying to bring everyone down to their level.

    You’ve taken a negative, and made it your new positive. Be proud!

  2. Thank you Dave for you unwavering continued support. Years ago I would have demanded understanding of why a person would be hurtful whether unintentionally or otherwise, now I simply go within for compassion and then weed them out of my life. I have had enough negative and unhappiness for 10 lifetimes and I am moving forward.

    : )

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