Why do I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy pulls the football away and he falls on his back?  What I wouldn’t have given for Charlie Brown to get the red-haired girl to kick Lucy’s ass have a conversation with Lucy once and for all.

I feel the same way right now, on my back and the football has been pulled out from underneath me.  I keep trying to kick the damn ball but whammo, it all gets pulled out from under me.  The thing is, like Charlie Brown, I am allowing this to happen.

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It is like the definition of insanity that I mentioned several posts ago.  As you know the definition is when you continue to do the same thing but expect a different result…then you are pretty much out of your mind.  It is really difficult to make continued changes when you live in household where people do not care about their food choices or their health and I find myself a bit insane over it.  I keep trying but quickly fall back into old patterns and behaviors. I know that I have reached a fork in the road (figures that even the road supplies you with a fork), and I have to make the decision of whether I am going to get back into the game or ???.  Well, I really don’t see myself as a quitter so I guess I better reach down deep and pull it together.  My juicer has been sitting on my counter collecting dust for weeks and my body is growing fatigued and sluggish from my unhealthy choices.

Well Lucy, don’t bother setting that football up again, I am coming up with a new game plan!


Take It Or Leave It…

Stay in the game, never give up!  Smile more, regret less!




13 thoughts on “Peanuts

  1. Instead of kicking he ball and falling down just take the freaking football and throw it at her. You will feel better and have a healthy juice drink on me my friend.

  2. Love this post!!!!! One swift pitch of a baseball when she’s not looking. Nothing fancy, say a fastball to the small of the back……I know, evil but, I just can’t help thinking….one time….. 🙂

  3. After reading the other comments, I feel so ashamed………………Make love, not war!
    Now, pleeeease give me the baseball… pitch at that bitch….

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