Neil Before Me

Neil Diamond fan or not, when your brain hears this song play, the most remarkable thing happens…

A wonderful feeling comes over you and you begin to sing along.

This is my Cruz2Lose get your happy in shape song of the day. The right music can make us do the most wonderful things. While I am not a huge Neil Diamond fan, this song makes me sing out loud. : )

If watching Neil isn’t your thing….how about this trio of singers…

Your happy is on now isn’t it!  Finding your happiness plays a big part in learning to make healthier choices.  I hope you all are now inclined to find yours!



6 thoughts on “Neil Before Me

  1. Girl you had me laughing so hard with the trio. They are horrible now Neil was scrumptious I love him old, young who cares. The man can sing and has some awesome songs. Thanks for the wonderful reminder.

  2. I’m jealous……great title for entry….and, with that, I too ‘neil’ before you!

    Very much a Neil Diamond fan, and if memory serves, this was his first No. 1 on the national charts (Billboard Hot 100.) If memory doesn’t serve, I’m wrong 🙂

  3. Hope all’s okay??? Where are you? I mean, the other group was okay. If that was the problem. They’re really good. So, I once again, Neil before you….

    • Good morning Dave. : )
      I don’t know why I can’t seem to write…..I haven’t been able to write much of anything for weeks! I will be making an announcement tonight…..and no, I am not quitting the blog but it might help to understand why I have been distracted…and no I am not pregnant. ; )

  4. It’s okay….No pressure. Just wanted to know you’re okay. Did you say pregnant? 🙂 See how rumors get started?

    Truly, don’t put undue pressure on yourself. Write as you can, and enjoy doing so.

    Look forward to your entry, tonight. Pregnant? Really? 🙂

    • A great star would have appeared in the East if that would have happened and angels would be paying a visit to some poor soul that I haven’t slept with!
      ; )

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