Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

Even if you been on the planet for 5 minutes you know what rainbows and pride mean and if you don’t…I am talking about those words that few people dare to discuss publically.  Homosexuality, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transvestite.  All the words that make some straight people cringe and/or make fun. Not I.

This last week Elysia made the decision to inform me that she is gay…yes…she likes other women.  She told me as if this was going to be some sort of deep, life changing moment for me.  It wasn’t.  She might as well have told me that she was going to change her hairstyle because I love my daughter unconditionally and whether or not she chooses to love a man or she chooses to love and share her life with a woman makes no difference to me.  The fact remains that she is still my daughter.  As a mother my only wish for my child is the same wish that I made when I learned I was carrying her…that she be happy and healthy.

Now if I can get her to eat more vegetables…

A note to my daughter…

I think Pink wrote the words that I wish to say to you…

I love you Sissy.


PS from Elysia:

Coming out was so much easier than I ever thought it would me; besides a few questions about how I knew and things like that, mom really is right…It wasn’t the big deal that I had psyched myself up for. I honestly was terrified; even though I was never really sure what I was scared for. BUT! I have amazing parents and friends who support me 100%. I am very lucky, and am thrilled that this whole thing was much easier than I anticipated. When I say that I lost sleep over how to tell my family, I am not even kidding. I had borderline insomnia for weeks. I am quite pleased that my sleep pattern has returned to its regularly scheduled programing!

This is going to sound a lot like a local beauty queen trying to win the crown, but I really hope future generations can live in a world where they are not afraid to be themselves; where being gay, lesbian, bi, straight, or transgender is all normal and accepted. I’m thankful that my experience was a very joyful one, but I know so many people whose experiences were completely the opposite, and it is heartbreaking. I hope that if someone close to you had enough guts to admit to you that they are gay, you would have only the most love in your heart for them, just like my family has for me.

Also, I find it ironic that Saturday night was the first time a guy that I had never met before bought me a drink at a bar. Go figure, right?! 😉 But seriously – I couldn’t be happier with a life where I am finally confident in the person that I am, and that I have people close to me that have my back no matter what. ♥

Xoxo – Elysia


6 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow…

  1. Good for both of you!

    Elysia- It took a lot of overcoming of uncertainty. That must have been difficult. Bottom line, you overcame it all, risking a lot. You did it.

    Beth- Every child deserves a Mom like you. You listened, and went on with your day with the same love for your daughter as ever. You had no understanding of how anything had changed because, it didn’t. Elysia is every bit the same Elysia she’s always been.

    You are a model for the World’s Family. Acceptance of somebody out of our own comfort zone. If only the World’s Family was up to it….

    And it goes beyond just, acceptance as there is no normal. We’re all normal, together.

    Did it ever occur to Straights that Gays are also willing to accept?

    It always was, and continues to be about love, not war…….

    • Thank you for for your warm reply Dave. I have never have been able to comprehend why so many people do not understand that in the overwhelming majority of cases being gay is not a choice, this is who they are. It is as normal for them as the color of their eyes, the color of the skin and hair. I accept that my daughter has two beautiful blue eyes, that she has striking red hair and that she is gay. My love for my daughter does not know boundries, it is unconditional, as a mother’s love should be.

      Sadly, I don’t think I will live to see the day where the World’s Family will fully accept the gay community…many still struggle to accept the skin color BUT I believe in hope, and I believe that change starts with a single desire to make a difference. It is a very distrubing thought to me that so many people have no problem accepting what they can not see, living their lives on “faith” but can not look upon the people that they CAN see with unconditional love and acceptance.

      What comes to mind is my favorite quote…

      “If one is lucky, a solitary fantasy can totally transform a million realities.”
      ~Maya Angelou.

      It all begins with a single desire and in this case, it is mine.

      Much Love,

    • Thank you so much, Dave! Being “out” feels so much better than being scared…And I am quite happy to have a mother who understands and loves me no matter what. I’m the same person I always have been…and not having to hide it feels amazing 🙂

  2. Beth and Elysia both are you so brave. Kudos for not being afraid of caring what the world thinks. The world judges too harshly those that are not “normal”. But, this is the new “normal” acceptance of one another. Awesome blog!

    • Hello Elvie! I have spent most of my life worrying what the world thinks of me….now….I no longer give a rat’s ass! I am who I am, my daughter is who she is and that is that. : ) I am never going ot be what is viewed as “normal” and I don’t I don’t have time for therapy!

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