It is highly suspicious and I am determined to find who is responsible for shrinking my entire wardrobe. The majority were hanging in my closet and hadn’t even been washed, and yet, mysteriously they are either too tight or do not fit. Perhaps the recent humidity in Seattle had something to do with this strange phenomenon or perhaps all of the panting my chihuahuas do put enough moisture in the air to make my threads retract. No?


*whistles Baby Got Back. ; )



6 thoughts on “WHO DUNNIT???

  1. I am glad you’re back, this morning.

    All I can say is, damn chihuahuas! They may not be all….I mean, you should probably get a dehumidifier for the closet while your at it.

    Glad we could solve that!

    P.S. If damn is disallowed feel free to edit this comment as you please…….dammit!

    • Damn chihuahuas! I had a sneaking suspicion it was the panting…from the chihuahuas of course. ; )
      Good morning to you Dave, thanks for helping me figure that out!

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