Magic Mirror, on the wall…

One day you are setting in a palace feeling all good about yourself and the next moment you are peddling poison apples because you can’t bear the thought of someone else being more fair than you.

It is interesting to note that the most wicked queens and evil step-mothers are all middle-aged women concerned about their waning beauty.  Sleeping Beauty was cursed by an angry fairy who was so bitter and jealous that she wasn’t even invited to Sleeping Beauty’s celebration.  Cinderella slaved at the hands of her jealous step-mother.  Snow White hid in a dark forest with seven dwarfs to escape her middle-aged queen step-mother and Arial had to give up her beautiful voice to the hoarse, busty Sea Witch. The common thread seems to be the frightening concern that physical beauty and voice will disappear and that you must go to great lengths to keep it.  This is an image that is branded into our souls at a very young age…beauty must be maintained at all costs, especially if you intend to have a great looking prince.

The message received translates into a desire to become something unattainable, a princess… unless of course, you are Kate Middleton then disregard the previous comment.  The reality is that the beauty doesn’t come from the most sought after wrinkle cream on the market, the best foundation, eyeshadow or lipstick and it certainly doesn’t come from magic. Beauty comes from a place deep within your heart and mind.  Eating right, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and having balance in your life, being kind to others, giving of yourself…that is real beauty.

The middle-age connection in all of these tales?  Is it fear of lost youth?  The desire to be the best or is it just some shitty upbringing?  Whatever the reason, something sinister does seem to take over when you begin creeping toward maturity.  I am going to be 44 next month…





6 thoughts on “Magic Mirror, on the wall…

  1. Actually, I like an apple before bedtime but, I’ll turn this one down. I’m in to the Granny Smith variety but, thanks for asking.

    So, you’re going to be 44? I was once 44…….

    Hope things going okay for you & family. Had to retire ‘A Second Cup’ blog because of a security breech but, I’m still here.

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