Things that go bump in the night…

If this blog is a weight loss journey, you may wonder why I discuss other topics.  A journey takes you many places and often times it is not the destination that is of the most importance but rather what happened along the way.  Here is my own tale…

I have posted previously about strange occurences in my home and I thought I would share the most recent incident that left us so frightened that my 22 year-old daughter who shares my blog slept in my room too afraid to be alone.  A few weeks ago I was awoke at 11:30 at night by our 7 month old kitten Ele needing or wanting something.  Aften attending to the cat I crawled back into bed and fell fast asleep. I can not recall  why my cat woke me because of the events that followed left me more than a bit rattled.    At midnight I bolted straight up in bed upon hearing what at first seemed to be a woman screaming outside…oh but wait…it was screaming coming from inside….no, noooooo….the sound was of Ele screeching in pain???…NO! NO!  It was not coming from outside, it was not a woman screaming, it was not a kitten in distress, it was my Halloween decoration, a cackling witch that was turned OFF, was suddenly howling around the stroke of midnight.  I ran to my bedroom door screaming, “WHAT IS THAT NOISE???”  My 20 year-old son met me in the hallway equally frightened and I screamed for him to make the witch stop cackling, the sound was bone-tingling. It was even more chilling to find out that the witch was already turned off and that the only way it could have been playing was if the “demo” mode was tripped.  Had the cat been able to hit the “demo” button?  Suddenly, only feet away from my son and I, there was a very loud thud as if someone had pounded or dropped something on the floor, we were the only ones in the hall.  My son and I ran from the room screaming and our other children opened their doors to find out for themselves what was happening.  We discussed and debated the possibilities for several minutes and I demanded that the witch be removed and to never be used as a decoration in the house again.  After gaining some composure we each headed back to our rooms that is, until Elysia came flying out of her room insisting that something was messing with her laptop and that it was making a sound as if someone had hit the button to eject the disc drive.  My adult daughter slept on the chaise lounge in my room and we each experienced a very restless night.

Was it the cat?  Was little Ele the culprit behind our terrifying evening?  Was she able to stretch her paw down below the spindles where the witch hung from the upstairs rail to reach the button?  Even if our kitten were to coordinate such an elaborate hoax at our expense that would not explain the sound of something pounding on the floor right in front of us!

That brings me to tonight…

I was viewing cemetary pictures taken yesterday  from a very old local cemetery that we had read about.  It is said that the cemetery is haunted and I was determined to investigate this myself.  Upon viewing the pictures I was not able to see so much as an orb, leaving me a bit disappointed, that is, until I exited out of the photos….that is when my computer simply shut down.  Yes, that’s right, my computer just shut itself down. I always try to seach for a possibility for unexplained events but sometimes I find that some things can not be explained.





One thought on “Things that go bump in the night…

  1. I love haunted houses… We have footsteps like a child running up and down the hall. We thought it was our kidlets to find they were sleeping. There’s these two activity tables that go off with or without batteries. But won’t go off by itself when switched on.

    Oh oh! And a laughing dinosaur goes off all the time. But we think its just the pull cord shrinking from the cool night’s.

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