run_fast_determinedIt is amazing how fast that you can go when you are running away from your problems. This is a personal marathon that doesn’t even require shoes.  I call it life’s treadmill – no matter how fast you run, you aren’t really going anywhere.  When you step off that treadmill, you are exactly where you started.  Like a hamster in a wheel, I continue to go as fast as I can but I simply can’t get away from all that I am running from.

When life tossed me lemons this past year, I just ate them. If you can picture a leaf that a caterpillar has eaten half of, then perhaps you have a clear understanding of how I have made it through the past several months.  I have munched my way through every stressful moment like a hungry caterpillar hell-bent on increasing its body mass.  The difference is I am not going to get a spectacular set of wings out of the whole deal.  The only thing I have gained from my munching bonanza is more weight and a blow to my ego.

I have decided that I am not going to get on a scale.  I am not going to choose a “diet” plan.  The word “diet” suggests that there is a beginning and an end to a weight-loss plan.  My reality is that there can be no beginning and end but rather a change of habit for a lifetime.  For me this is really about getting down to the core issues and evaluating the reasons why I turn to food in the middle of crisis.  I think that for me it is Please Help!more than just reaching for a pizza, in difficult times I also turn into a turtle and hide deep within my protective shell.  I usually get turned around and when I reappear there is generally a lot of flailing about but I don’t get anywhere…right back on the hamster wheel.

The trick is to landing on your feet and being ok with crawling out of your shell for more than a moment at a time and when you are handed lemons, squirt them on your salad.  : )





2 thoughts on “TOP SPEED

  1. Hi Beth- Glad to see your post, today. Squirt lemons on your salad? I’m noticing Beth coming out of her shell to be Beth, and I love it!

    If you need time in the shell, feel free! Everybody needs some shelter, once in awhile.

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