On The Go

I will admit it, I am terrible about eating breakfast.  I am up and out of the house before most vampires return to their coffins.  Of course we know that breakfast is the “most important meal of the day”.  While it may not be considered by many to be surpreme nutrition, I have been downing those darn Atkins meal/snack replacement shakes for breakfast and most every day on occasion, lunch.  Whoa buddy let me tell you that the Dark Chocolate Royale is pretty tasty although Elysia thought otherwise, her loss.  No, no, no, I am NOT dieting, I am making better choices.  Drinking one of those on the go is far better than not eating and who the hell doesn’t like chocolate???  I see this as a win win.


I have not been exercising.  Not one little bit.  Zip, nada, zilch. NOTHIN.  I walked past my bonus room today and could almost hear my elliptical taunt me with “You can’t handle the truth!”

You Can't Handle the Truth

Yeah, I think my elliptical is going to order a code red if I don’t get back up and do my job!




2 thoughts on “On The Go

  1. Beth, What ever you do, don’t beat yourself up. You’re already the winner.

    You’ll get back to a routine of working out or, you won’t…….Just be okay with what you do, now.

    Pizza looks okay but has a major defect. I mean really, Where in the…., excuse me, nice smile, good attitude. Now I’m ready. Where, Beth, are the anchovies?????? I asked, nicely, even though we all know, pizza is not pizza without anchovies. 🙂

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