Too Much Wining.

A Friday night celebration turned into an entire Saturday on the couch in my jammies with the assumption that I was going to need to make out a will of some sort.  My cat even paraded around me like a vulture sensing death and every now again walked up, smacked me and ran.  I continued on through the weekend testing my body’s limits by ingesting a variety of gluten-containing foods.  The intent was to soak up the I lost count of how many couple of drinks that I had with the standard, eggs, toast and bacon breakfast while going over my last will and testament to my chihuahua. After spending hours on the couch watching the cat destroy puzzle pieces, bite my hand and tease the dog, my chihuahua and I decided the cat gets nothing.  The decision came easy for both of us.

I got out of bed Sunday and took a look in the mirror.  Darn.  I looked like I was retaining the Puget Sound.  Gluten makes me swell up like Varucia Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  I am also allergic to my 10 month old cat and I sleep with an air purifier in my room.  It really didn’t help much to wake up in the middle of the night to find my cat’s paws covering my face, clearly she didn’t take the whole last will and testament thing as a joke and since I made it through Saturday she was clearly set on helping me cross over.  Between ingesting gluten and cat fur, I am now a life-sized Weeble.

The thing I love about Monday’s…a fresh start!





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