Flash Dance


That scene in Flash Dance where Jennifer Beals is in the chair with water dripping all over her body.  I am doing this move every single day except I call it Hot Flash Dance.  I don’t believe it is quite as erotic either. If you have ever found yourself in a warm room when it is about 85 degrees at night and no matter how close you strategically place the fan for even a smidgen of relief, you eventually come to the realization that the only thing you have accomplished is now hot air is blowing all over you. That is precisely how I am feeling in the middle of winter, with the window cracked and a fan blowing 12 inches from my face.  I now wake throughout the night with the back of my head and neck wet with sweat feeling like I am on the threshold of hell. Five minutes later I am bundling up with my down comforter like I am heading out for an antarctic expedition.

My cat ELE has sensed these difficult moments of mine and chooses to wrap her warm, furry self all around me while my bed turns into a soaking tub.  She never seems to do it when I am cold either.  She chooses to show that she “cares” at the exact moment when I am certain my core body temperature has soared to 120 degrees and I am about to turn into Drew Barrymore’s Firestarter character and blow up the room just by existing. Isn’t she just precious.

I shall have a talk with ELE tonight about how sleep deprivation is not conducive to my weight-loss efforts.  Yeah, maybe that will work…..  😉




Photo credit:  http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5ixe3KwuE1rn9u2ao1_500.jpg



2 thoughts on “Flash Dance

  1. Beth – No doubt in my mind. You haven’t lost your touch, at all. Relating to what seems a real life experience for you, you drew a parallel, embellished a little bit, and drew this from no laughing matter to a form of hilarity.

    Nice read, and best to ELE!

    • I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it. My life is pretty hilarious at times. ; )
      Miss ELE goes from a sweet little lovey cat to a hand-biting vampire seconds, I will give her your best!

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