Revolution anyBody?

Jillian Michaels, the Body Revolution guru, is Elysia’s idol. Elysia has struggled with her weight her entire life and will be celebrating her 23rd birthday on April 8th –  she views Jillian as an impressive motivator.  That brings me to today’s story…

I was at work and heard my phone download my email messages, I took a peek to see if there was anything life-changing that I needed to know for the day.  I noticed an email from Goldstar which is a service that often times offer impressive discounts for local events. Since I checked it yesterday I wasn’t really interested in checking it again and after a pause, I decided to open it up before deleting it.  There it was, discounted Goldstar member ticket prices to see Jillian Michaels live in Seattle for next Tuesday…ironically…two days after Elysia’s 23rd birthday.  Jillian Michaels in Seattle?  PERFECT! I quickly decided to go to the website to view the discounted seats and that is when I got distracted by the VIP tickets which included “Best seating in house”, a 30 minute Q&A with Jillian after the show, a take away item of to be determined and a 4 week subscription to Jillian’s online program.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  I immediately began rumminging through my purse for my debit card with the knowledge that I would be deemed “Best Mom EVER!”.  So much for the discounted $27 balcony seating tickets, however, I am certain what we will gain from the Maximize Your Life Tour will be worth every dime that I spent!

That all brings me to the next story…

When Elysia talked me into Weight Watchers over a week ago, I didn’t want this to be just one more try at something, I wanted this to be THE something I was looking for.  She talked me into Weight Watchers so I talked her into getting up at 4:30 a.m. every morning and going with me to walk our now 4 month old puppy Chloe. It has been one week and Elysia has really committed to this deal just as I have committed to Weight Watchers.  I have already lost 9 pounds and I am thrilled with how I feel. I honestly can say that I have never seen Elysia so motivated and when I told her I landed VIP tickets to see Jillian Michaels, I was indeed dubbed “Best Mom Ever!”.

Life is good.


~Beth (Best Mom Ever)


6 thoughts on “Revolution anyBody?

  1. You shall now be known as BME! Congrats to you and Elysia’s commitment to lose weight. There are no starts and stops in life (or weight loss), just the journey. Although I must admit, there are potholes (heh heh). Hang in there, it will come.

  2. Super cool! Best and coolest Mom ever!:) I love Jillian too! Can’t wait to read your posts!!! I have a couple of her books and tapes!:) I did ww in ’99 after I had my son and I lost so much that they told me I couldn’t come back if I lost anymore! Hahah best rule I ever broke!;) It’s a great program! I really need to revisit it. I always think I can eat sensibly on my own but, again…the rule breaker in me just sneaks up! Happy birthday to Elysia!!! You girls have a great time!

  3. I am going to her show on April 30th and can’t wait! Like you, I splurged and bought the VIP tickets, too. It will definitely be worth it. Have a great time tonight!

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