No More Wining

I had the kind of day at work where one of the few things on my mind was coming home and pouring myself a nice glass of merlot, turning on a little jazz and kicking back.  I pulled out my handy-dandy Weight Watchers App and began my quest to see how many points a glass of red wine would be.  Hmmm… 4 points.  I sulked for a moment and then I pilfered through the app trying to find out how much a shot of vodka would be with a nice cold can of diet 7-up….hmmm….4 points.  After cursing Weight Watchers and every vineyard from Washington to Italy for not making a wine worth fewer points, something mind-boggling hit me…I had made the decision that there was no way in hell I was going to sacrifice a food point for liquid fermented grapes.  Well now, that is something new!





4 thoughts on “No More Wining

  1. Beth- Hope all is well with you. It sounds as though you are enthused with this diet. Glad for you.

    I’ve begun my own trek to shed weight. I’ve got the flavor of wine by, somewhat of a stretch, covered, with red wine vinegar on my salads, instead of dressing.

    Been on my own, self-imposed diet for four days

    Hope Elysia had a happy birthday. I’m going to check out more info. on Jillian Michaels.

    Hope all is well!


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