Twas Days Before Xmas

Twas days before Christmas

and all through the house

I was up late blogging

Quiet as a mouse


The children were nestled

All snug in their beds

While I blogged on WordPress

About days ahead

Me in my jammies

and wearing a sock monkey cap

I was just wracking my brain

before taking a nap

When out on the lawn

There arose such a clatter

I sprang from my chair to see

What was the matter

Up from my desk

I quickly did rise

Spilled coffee on paperwork

Sure hope that dries!

The moon on the breast

of the fresh Seattle rain

Made me grab for the arthritis rub

Oh wow the pain!

When what to my wondering

eyes should I see

Santa and his reindeer

looking right back at me!

Santa was such a great driver

so lively and quick

It was like my Nissan Juke in Sport Mode

Nah, he didn’t know that trick!

More rapid than eagles

those flying reindeer came

And I didn’t hang around to listen

as he  called them by name

I ran from my second floor

down to my first

Shouting, “It’s a gas fire-place Santa!

the burn will sure be the worst!”

Santa was already placing

packages under my tree

and gave a jolly old laugh

when he caught sight of me

He spoke not a word

as he continued his work

I was amazed I wasn’t on his naughty list

this year I had been such a jerk!

At this point I was wondering

Is this all a joke?

When face down in drool

I opened my eyes and awoke

Still sitting at my desk

my “add new post” blank

It was all a dream

my imagination to thank

When I am blogging away

even Santa comes into sight

Merry Christmas friends and fellow bloggers

wishing you joy, peace and words to write!