More Paranormal Activity?

I gathered up laundry today and headed downstairs with my ankle buddies Zack and Tre (my little chihuahuas).  Before I threw a load of laundry in the wash I decided that the laundry room itself needed some attention.  I cleared off the counter and began wiping it down with a damp cloth when behind me came the same knocking that turned me into Jodi Foster a few weeks ago, but this time it WAS IN THE SAME ROOM.  What can I say, I froze for a moment.  I turned around and the pounding stopped.  Not only no but OH HELL NO! Again, I froze.  I gather my thoughts for a moment and stared at the dryer.  What could this be?  Ok, so I have watched Ghosthunter and I think I have the drill down.  I began to talk out loud.  “Is anyone there???  Can you hear me???”  MORE POUNDING AND THEN I WATCHED MY DRYER AND WALL VIBRATE!!! OH MY GOSH!!!  What do I do at this moment?  I text Elysia.  Like somehow Elysia is going to save me from Mr. Poltergeist from her cubicle at work.  I can’t actually tell you on a public blog what I texted to my daughter but her response was, “Well that’s awkward.”  I am laughing now but at that moment I figured I was going to be dragged off to wherever these things drag people off to.  So Elysia is confirming with me that she has heard something knocking in the laundry room before and is telling me that perhaps something is in the walls.  Now let me set this up for you….

It is a grey, dark windy, rainy day south of Seattle.  I am not in the city, I am out toward the country in a very quiet development with evergreen trees, I am talking frogs croak in the morning.  This is very woodsy.  A train rolls past every now and again that I can see from my front door, it vibrates the house.  Dark, quiet, creepy day.  So back to Elysia telling me something is in the walls…

A few minutes after I text Elysia, a train rolls by so I am thinking to myself about how stupid I am…there must have been some vibration from the train that came in advance (I was totally trying to make this logical because my dryer was moving ok?!).  I text Elysia my thoughts and we agree that perhaps that was the answer, something to do with the train.  NOPE!!!  Several minutes later the pounding starts again.  Zack started shaking like a leaf and stood at the laundry room entrance crying at me.  NO! NO! NO!  Not ok on any level whatsoever!  When the dog starts shaking and crying and has never done that before and some strange knocking is going on SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT!!!  I was in the middle of “lock me up and throw away the key” and Elysia starts having a birthday text discussion with me about her plans.  I was thinking, I am going to be sucked into the dryer kind of like Carol Ann  got sucked into the television and my kid is discussing her 22nd birthday plans.  Nice.

Time to get real.  I turned on my iPhone video camera and started filming.  Nothing.  I stood in my laundry room talking to the air for a few minutes and making stupid jokes.  Nothing.  Finally I said, “If you can hear me, knock.”  BAM! BAM! BAM!  “AHHHHHHHGGGGGGG!”  I got it on video! I was running all over like a lunatic and the pounding kept going.  I come off sounding like the chick on the Blair Witch Project when she is dripping snot off her nose.  Wow!  I can’t even believe it.  So what is the noise?  I have lived in my home almost three years and this is a new thing.  The only thing that I can come up with is that it was windy today and that perhaps wind went up the outside vent for the dryer causing the flaps inside to bang???    But how could that have actually vibrated a heavy front-loading dryer?  Strange though how it seemingly responded a couple of times to my voice and scared my dog?!  We have had higher winds than this out here and this hasn’t happened!  How could it have vibrated an adjacent wall?  Hmmmm….

From now on I am going to be writing down the time of day and the weather conditions.  I am an analytical thinker, I will go through every possibility before deciding that my house is haunted.  Unless of course something drags me down the steps, that pretty much sums it right up.

Getting My Creep On!




You Decide

It had to happen at some point. The garage, which is supposed to host three cars, can barely fit my little Juke.  My almost 16 year-old son Anthony has been fussing that his 1995 Saab 900 convertible that I purchased him in November  isn’t in the garage where he feels it belongs.  Kind of how my chihuahuas feel that they should be in my bed, Anthony feels that his car should get “dibs” on garage space.  When Elysia learned her brother was going to get garage space for his car and not hers, the discussion was on!  Since technically I own the Saab, it gets garage space.  Sorry Sissy, your brother wins.  There is no way I am ever going to get rid of enough stuff to utilize all three spaces, if I did, there wouldn’t be any Christmas decorations.

If you have had an opportunity to view any sort of earthquake footage then you have a good assumption of what the inside of the garage looked like before the overhaul.  It was beginning to resemble an episode of Hoarders minus all the nasty stuff.  I climbed up on a two-drawer filing cabinet to reach some of the taller boxes…yes…the boxes were stacked that high.  As I was going through the boxes I came upon a medical dictionary that I had been looking for.  I grabbed the book and said, “Oh good, I have been looking for this, I am going to need it.”  You may be wondering why I would need a medical dictionary.  I used to work in a medical setting and I was hoping to brush up on some medical terminology because I would like to get back into the healing community.  Today, on a Sunday, my phone rang….it was a chiropractor’s office wanting to know if I would come in on such late notice and interview today…like be here in less than 2 hours. You betcha!  In the middle of purging files from 2004 I dropped everything to go from  dirty, garage-cleaning bum to professional admin in one hour.

The interview with the doctor’s wife went well, I have been invited back to meet the doctor tomorrow. I hope my job search is finally coming to an end.  When I arrived home I thought to myself how odd it was that yesterday I had grabbed onto that medical dictionary  and made my statement so very clear. “I am going to need this.”  If you read my post from last week titled “Ghost Story” then you already know that strange events have been occurring in my home for quite some time.  Who would have guessed that I would get called on a Sunday to come into a doctor’s office the day after I found my “missing” medical dictionary…I found this to be a bit strange…You decide.  : )

While I was cleaning the garage this week-end that does not mean that I didn’t whip up one amazing corned beef and cabbage cooked in Guinness for St. Patrick’s Day.  At the dinner table I made the rule that we had to speak in an Irish accent for the entire evening but that fizzled out after the kids and I determined we sounded more British than anything else.  At some point we determined that the statement “He’s after me Lucky Charms, they’re magically delicious” really doesn’t qualify. That was a spoiler.

Usher moment…

These are my confessions:  I really have failed this week on healthy eating…ok, so that was putting it mildly. Perhaps I should have said, “I have spiraled into the bad eating abyss.”  I have even been eating gluten which is a big no-no for me, although, I can say that I have been good about using the hand weights. I really have no excuse so I am not going to give you one.  I need to get back into the game this week.

Take It Or Leave It…

When moving, do not allow well-meaning individuals to dump out files, receipts, junk into bins so that you can stumble upon them years later wondering what the heck happened.  It might seem like a good idea when you are trying to relocate in a hurry but years later you will want to shank yourself over it.  With all the loose paper I have picked through this week-end I have more dust up my nose than Tony Montana.  :/

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Ghost Story

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We moved into our dream home in July of 2009.  Even in poor market conditions we were able to sell our own home for a great price and negotiate with struggling contractors.  Late one evening, not too long after we moved in, Zack was playing with me on my bed when he suddenly stopped.  Zack immediately spun around crouched down at the corner of my bed and looked toward a leather chaise lounge at the corner of the room and did something he had never done before…he began to growl.  Gentle Zack’s fur razor-backed upon him and the growl that came from my sweet dog frightened me to no end.  It was a growl of protection. I called his name several times and he quickly looked at me and then went back to growling at whatever it was that was sitting on my chaise lounge.  The moment left me quite unnerved.

Zack- pretty special

The next morning I told the kids (teens and young adults) about Zack’s disturbing behavior and that is when all the stories began flooding at me along with:  “Mom, this house is haunted.”  “Mom, there is something in your closet.”  Why is it that entities live in closets?  What is up with that? “Mom, I can’t stand going down the stairs because there is something on the other side in your room.”  NICE!  Why does it have to be MY room???  I knew I shouldn’t have taken them to see Paranormal Activity.

I was downtown Seattle at work one day when my oldest daughter was over visiting and she called me quite hysterical.  “MOM, I THINK THE CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR IS GOING OFF!!!”  “Is the fireplace on?” “No!”  “Is the oven on?” “No!”  “Grab the dogs and get out of the freaking house.  Do you understand me???  Get out NOW Ashley.  Right now!  Get your brothers out and call the fire department immediately but do so from the outside!”  The fire department came and checked out the carbon monoxide detector, there was no carbon monoxide in our house nor could they understand why our equipment failed, there was nothing wrong with it.  Nothing like this has happened since.  Ashley said to me, “Your house is haunted mom, something isn’t right here.”  Yes, I know it but dammit I saw Poltergeist and unless somebody gets sucked into the plasma television, I am not leaving!  Well, actually the events that have started occurring lately could change my mind…

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From beyond?

My best friend died of an aneurysm 8 years ago.  I was writing to some friends about her in October and wondered if one of her brothers might be on Facebook.  When I typed her brother’s name in the search button and hit search, my MAC completely shut down, it took me 15 minutes to get it to begin to reboot.  As it was almost through rebooting I said her name and my computer shut down again, this time it wouldn’t reboot until I came home from work.  In January of this year that very brother would be tied up, tortured and brutally murdered.  I can’t even tell you how chilled to the bone I was.  It was as if a warning had been sent to me months before he died.

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When I returned from Ocean Shores last month, my 19 year-old son Scott, said that he went to take a picture of one of the dogs in his room and an orb of light flew right past him (Scott is the ghost hunter in the house who has even has downloaded apps on his phone determined to find the energy in our house…the scary thing is these energies speak and the app freaks me out….I choose ignorance thank you).   A couple of weeks ago Scott ran into my office and said, “DID YOU DO THAT???”  “Do what?”  “Did you just hold the door handle on me?”  “No, I have been right here at my desk. Why?”  “I couldn’t get out of the bathroom.  Something was holding the handle and I could feel the resistance on it.  I finally let go and then tried again and it opened.”  Hmmm….not ok.  If something starts holding the door closed on my behind, it’s on!

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That brings me to yesterday….

Yesterday I went into my bathroom to get ready for an appointment that I had in Seattle.  Zack and Tre rested quietly on my bed watching me do my hair when all of a sudden four very loud knocks came from within the house. I froze.  Zack, who will bark 100% of the time if there is a knock at the front door jumped up and looked toward my bedroom door, which was our exit.  I very slowly walked from my bathroom through my bedroom and peered down my staircase to my front door.  There are two glass windows on either side and 4 small square windows within the top of my wooden door, I couldn’t see anyone, nor did I think the sound came from my wooden door.  I waited.  Nothing.  I was spooked but I went back to getting ready for my appointment unable to solve the mystery.  It wasn’t more than a few minutes later when I heard the most terrifying sound that a woman can hear when she is home alone….the door open between my garage and my house and what followed next sent me racing for my home security system….footsteps on the hardwood.  OMG SOMEBODY WAS IN MY HOUSE.

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As soon as I heard the door to the garage I turned to Zack to see his reaction, Zack had bolted straight up and was once again staring at my bedroom door.  OMG, he heard it, too.  I went toward the door (thank you security folks for installing a panel in the bedroom), I opened the door and stuck my head out…the footsteps stopped.  I FROZE.  My heart was racing so fast and all I could think of was DAMN THE CLIP  IS OUT OF THE GLOCK!!!  I was also thinking they must have frozen hearing my footsteps upstairs.  What do I do here???  I closed my bedroom door and stood there with my finger on the panic button waiting for footsteps on the stairs.  Zack looked terrified and Tre just sat there shaking.  I am a MacGyver by nature so I was forming a plan in my head of what weapon I could create. Large crystal vase…….perfect!  Heavy Buddha statue if need be….gosh, I would hate to pound it into somebody’s head that my religion is kindness but this is an exception to the rule. I stood there like Jodi Foster in Silence of the Lambs, minus the gun, for what seemed like forever waiting to deal with my attacker.

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I know that it was probably only minutes that passed when I began to get spooked more than anything else.  I started thinking about the dog not barking, he actually looked more scared than anything. Zack had the strangest look on his face…well…stranger than his normal strange. There was no sound. Instead of being afraid that I was up against a physical person, I started thinking that perhaps I wasn’t….what was my weapon now?  I stood there for a while and then I slowly headed down the stairs.  Damn that Paranomal Activity movie…I half waited to be dragged down my stairs.  Darn those kids and their scary movies. When I made it to the kitchen the air felt heavy. If you have ever been in a room and felt like someone was watching you, that is how I felt.  Like I was being watched but no one was in the room…

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This now brings me to the three slices of Little Caesars (not even gluten-free mind you) and two pieces of crazy bread that I scarfed down last night.  Oh yeah, scared out of my wits….you betcha…I am going for the pizza.  There was no juicing last night, no leafy greens, it was straight up gimme the damn pizza and get out of my weigh….not way…weigh.  GET OUTTA MY WEIGH!

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Take It Or Leave It…

When you are faced with ghosts, poltergeist, spooky things and such, don’t beat yourself up if you feel the need to carb up.  This is the one time I will say that it is perfectly acceptable and understandable that you lose your mind and go for the pizza.  If something is locking your kids in the bathroom, scaring your dogs, walking through your house, shutting down your computer, setting off your carbon monoxide detector, opening doors and banging on your walls….I would say eating a few slices of pizza is the least of your worries!



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