To – Marrow

To-Marrow, I love ya, To-Marrow…You’re always a day away…

It is that time again.  Hubby has to go in for a bone marrow draw tomorrow morning.  His meds do not appear to be  keeping his platelet production up and so it is time to check to see what is up, if anything.  Over five years ago my husband battled Gastric MALT Lymphoma.  Shortly after the cancer appeared, Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura ITP) reared its ugly head.  Now close your eyes and spell that from memory.  He has remained cancer-free but the ITP has become a chronic condition.

My husband’s body more than likely suffered an autoimmune response to the cancer and his body began destroying his platelets. His immune system went into overdrive, saw a potential threat and said, “KILL THEM ALL!”  Kinda like I usually do after dealing with the men that live in this house! Over the last few years meds have slowly begin to cease working and he could be facing a splenectomy some time in the very near future.

If you have every lived several years with a man who is often on prednisone (lovely steroid) then you are probably wondering how it is that I have kept my sense of humor.  Not quite certain that it is humor that I have kept, perhaps I have developed a serious case of insanity.  My husband has more mood swings on prednisone then both my girls had in their teen-age years living at home PMSing.  When he starts getting really fussy I just tell him that the doctor can either pull him off of the med or I am going to call her up and send him to stay with her for a few weeks.  I have also offered to personally remove his spleen….just trying to be helpful.

While the bone marrow draw is quite painful, they do give him an amazing drug called Versed.  This little drug makes it so has he has no recollection of what took place and this lasts most of the day.  Hubby repeats himself every 30 seconds and has no recall of what he did on that day.  : )  SWEET!  I thought it would be great to take him over to his brother’s house and have a few laughs!  Hey, quit the boo hissing here…we have gone through this for years so now we just try to find the fun in it.

New Year’s Eve my husband Al and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary.  He surprised me with one of my favorite champagnes while we were out to dinner –  Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial and later that evening he gave me a Swarovski bracelet to celebrate our “Crystal” anniversary.

When he isn’t trying to shove food in my face, he really isn’t all that bad!

So if I do not manage to blog tomorrow it is not because I went on a Friday night nacho and Smirnoff binge.  I am still working out daily on my elliptical and have not skipped a beat on my challenge!  : )