Girl boys allowed.

Ok ladies (and men who couldn’t resist knowing what we girls talk about, feel free to take notes), what is this menopause thing about?  When I was growing up menopause meant…

Now I am thinking this isn’t about men at all, in fact, it shouldn’t even be called menopause, it should be called something closer to the description like Teeteringonthebrinkofhellsoyouallbetterpause!

Why am I bringing up menopause when I am 43?  Several months back I had two night sweats where I woke up like I had just went from the shower and hopped into my bed soaking wet.  Nothing weirder than waking up in the middle of the night and having your jammie top soaking wet, your sheets wet, sweat pouring down your face and you have no idea why!  I once had a large dog that peed all over me while I was sleeping, yeah, I wasn’t too happy when I woke up. The vet said theat he was marking me as his territory.  Excuse me?  There is no reason on this earth that is a good enough explanation for why a creature would piss all over me, the dog had to go.  I am an animal lover but piss on me once and it is all over…yep, my ex can tell you that much.  I haven’t had a night sweat in a while but for some reason the temperature of the room seems to go up all of a sudden to about 120 degrees and it  feels like I am doing Vinyasa Yoga and can’t breathe.

I woke up last night at about 1:30 a.m., I wasn’t sweating but I can tell you it felt like a solar flare came down into my room.  I threw off my sheet, my blanket, my feather comforter….the window was already opened with the fan running.  A few minutes later I was freezing…sheet back on, blanket back on, feathers back on.  Hours later…holy crap….sheet off, blanket off, feathers off….repeat.  I got up this morning and I was running through the house fanning myself like it was summer in the Sahara.  AND SO IT HAS BEGUN.  To add to this joyous time of my life, every joint in my body is aching.  Did you know that your joints can ache during menopause?  That was news to me!

Well I am not going to let this whole thing get to me…I am going to go from menopause back to the MEN ALL PAUSE!

Take It Or Leave It…

Before you turn into the Devil Wears Prada, try juicing.  I have noticed that the less that I have juiced over these past few weeks, the more inflammation that I have.  Time to slip some ginger in the old juicer and get back into the game!  : )