Feeding the Soul

I am dog tired…if this is more than three sentences I will consider this a successful post.

It has been an exceptionally busy week and week-end for me and I am ready to fall into bed.  Thursday was Citizen’s Police Academy – I got to be Officer #2 and “arrest” a suspect.  I am certain it isn’t as fun in the real world as it was in class.  The police lights were going, the class was laughing and the whole thing resembled a comedy skit routine.  The sad reality is that our men and women in blue face some pretty scary people out there every single day.  Hey look, this post is already a personal success as I made it past my 3 sentence goal!  : )  Go me!  My new job continues to be absolutely fantastic and Friday I just ended my second week.  Saturday we entertained company and enjoyed a wonderful day…I ate way too much and didn’t dwell on it.  Today was spent in reflective thought while putting plants in my new planters.  Today is April 15th, some consider it the day their taxes are due.  For me, it is my missing brother’s birthday and it meant a difficult call to my mother letting her know that I know what day today is.  It was a good day to be outdoors planting, raking and reflecting…reminding myself that life continues to grow, continues needing love and nourishment. Feeding the soul.

It is important on your weight loss journey to remember to feed your soul while limiting calories.  Life is full of great moments, incredible happiness, deep sadness and endless possibilities.  Remember that life goes forward at a pace far faster than we would often times like…take a moment to realize that the most important thing is you, after all, there is only one…nourish it.  : )



Can You Solve The Mystery?

It was the summer of 2005, the week before the 4th of July, in Monroe, Michigan, my brother Scott stayed at home from his new job sick with the flu.  He kept his young son home with him instead of sending him off to a sitter and his wife, recognizing how sick my brother seemed, told him she wanted to take him to the doctors when she came home from work.  This would never happen.  Some time between 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. my brother would go missing.

The day my brother disappeared he told his young son to stay at home, that he was going for a quick bike ride around the block and that he would be right back; he returned.  He told his son once again to stay put that he would be right back and he got on a mountain bike never to be seen or heard from again.  Who goes on an impromptu bike ride in boxer shorts, a t-shirt and sandals? Over the years I have been told not to continue my search that my brother is most likely dead.  I will never stop searching.

The local Monroe County Police were never that interested in my brother’s case.  There were clues that jumped off the page but no cared enough to take a look at it.  My brother had previously been incarcerated for selling cocaine and very few seem to care that he was now missing.  Even though I was 3000 miles away from where my brother went missing, I followed every lead…I even purchased a pay-as-you-go phone and had his number transferred to that phone so that I would receive his calls.  I called every number with the records that I managed to get ahold of and listened to every story that I was given.  The picture that was painted for me was not one that I was familiar with and each story pointed to my brother being in serious trouble with very bad people.

April 15th is Scott’s birthday, I ask all my friends and family to remember the missing, to never give up hope that Scott will return to his son and to my adoptive parents; Scott is their only biological child.  The following link gives descriptive information on Scott as he is registered nationally as a missing adult.

Let’s Bring Them Home

 If you have any information on the disappearance of my brother, Scott Dusa, and do not want to contact the police, please email me at weight4us@comcast.net

Thank you to each one of you who keep the hope alive that Scott will someday be found.