The good, the bad, and the motivated.

Let’s just get right down to it, and start off with the bad portion of this post…

Last week was bad news. I did not eat well, which was completely stupid considering I had done so well on my fast. It made me lazy, and it made me not care. GIGANTIC NO-NO. I really wish I would have stayed strong and carried on my good habits, because I know I would have probably lost at least another pound or two. But, I accept what I did (or didn’t do, in this case), and I am ready to move back into a positive direction.

I swear…one day I won’t have to come back here and confess to you guys that I’ve messed up. Apparently today is just not that day.

Alrighty, now for the good! The only positive that came out of my ridiculous eating last week is that I was so much more aware of my body. I truly didn’t eat until I was stuffed; I ate until I was content. I drank way more water than I normally do, and I stayed away from things that I KNEW would not make me feel good, i.e. tons of bread. So, I didn’t COMPLETELY throw out my entire week of juicing – I took a lot of what I had learned into consideration.

My motivation returned full force after the weekend, and here I am to say that I’m back to doing well. I didn’t count my points today, but I know that I a pretty close to my daily points, and I feel much better after drinking a bunch of water. It’s also hot (for us Washingtonians at least…) so instead of going on the elliptical I have decided to do some strength training and give my muscles a good workout. Despite it being about 85 degrees outside and probably 80 degrees in the house, I might still do a little on the elliptical. I’d love to REALLY earn my shower tonight. I’m just not sure my stomach would jive well with the heat. Ten minutes is better than nothing!

Ultimately, I feel great. Mom and I will be waking up early again tomorrow for our walk, and I plan on going back to religiously counting my points. I really am scared to weigh myself, but I probably will in the next day or two. It’s better to know what I’m at rather than staying in the dark.

Well, I’m off to get my tennis shoes and spend a little time on the elliptical (I made up my mind while writing…). I hope everyone is doing well! See ya soon 🙂



***P.S. – I just got off the elliptical. After already doing 60+ arm curls with 10lb weights, I did 32 MINUTES on the elliptical. Over 200 calories burnt, nearly 2,000 strides taken. Holy hell…I DEFINITELY deserve my shower, especially with it being 80 degrees in the house. Peace out, ladies and gents. I’ll post in the next few days.

Post fast – Reflection and happiness.

Weight as of March 25th: 355 lbs

Weight as of Day One (April 15th): 341.8 lbs

Weight as of Day Ten (April 25th): 327.3 lbs

Weight lost during fast: 14.5 lbs

Total weight lost since March 25th: 27.7 lbs

Sorry that I hadn’t gotten back to report everything! Its been a busy past few days! I’m so very excited to say that my fast was WILDLY successful, and that I am still feeling excellent!

Over the past day or so I’ve been silently reflecting on what I had gone through, what I learned, and how I still feel about my experiences with my very first juicing fast. First of all, I had to face a lot of my inner demons on this fast, and that in and of itself was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever put myself through. To be home alone and bored and not being able to eat, but WANTING to eat anyways had caused me to look at myself in the mirror and say “you have a problem eating when you’re bored, and you need to do something about it.” That is hard when you’ve remained ignorant to your problems for so long. I had to face the inner demon telling me that it won’t matter, because I will probably just go back to eating poorly afterwards anyways; I simply just told that one to f**k off, because I can and WILL eat healthier. So far, so good!

Along with recognizing my own demons, I was also able to find more inner strength than I thought possible. I found the strength to ignore the devil on my shoulder who told me it was okay to give up before the ten days were over. I had the strength to listen to the angel on the other shoulder when she said she was proud of me for pushing through those tough moments. I finally had the strength to look at myself and say “Goodness, you are beautiful and you need to always know that about yourself.”

I’m beyond thrilled that I still have an intense sense of motivation that hasn’t wavered since I finished my fast four days ago. I love getting up in the mornings and walking, and I love eating better. I love knowing that this week I’ll be doing my work out video AT LEAST three times and parking further from my building at work to get a little more walking in. I love knowing that most likely I’ll be doing another fast (probably only a week long) in May. I also love being able to proudly write a blog saying that I’ve done well lately. I love being so positive about how everything is going.

Most of all, I love that this fast helped give me a second chance at motivation and happiness. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me next.