Was it Elysia’s 21st birthday celebration goodies that caused it?  Was it the jalapenos on the nachos that I consumed one too many of. Was it the tang on the hot wings?  Was it the bacon on the potato skins?

What caused “IT”?  I hope that it was one of the reasons listed above…

I returned home yesterday and sat down to check my emails when suddenly I was overcome by an intense feeling that caused the hair on my arms to stand straight up followed by thoughts of a major earthquake.  The first time I recognized this feeling in December of 2004 I stopped in mid sentence and blurted out to my daughter that there was an earthquake coming.  I felt and articulated a catastrophic event and two days later Indonesia was struck by a powerful quake; this scared me to no end.  There were other times following this occurence that I had this feeling but pushed it aside.  People just can’t “know” these things right?!

I also “knew” Japan was going to be hit with a quake.  This was the first time that I was aware of the location of the event.  It didn’t even seem real to me that I could know that.  Again, I only told my family these strange feelings that I received from out of the blue.  I also “knew” that China would be hit by a quake but I was actually 100 miles off the exact location of that one…it was on the border!

So here I am again, I was just enjoying my Saturday when I stopped in my tracks…there goes that feeling again.  I decided why wait for a disaster to strike.  We have been talking endlessly about getting prepared so today hubby and the boys set out to create our emergency kit. If they come up with a nacho MRE, I am going to be all over that but until then, it looks like peanut butter, oatmeal, ramen, rice and chewy bars.

Clearly I am avoiding the weight topic since I did mention that it was Elysia’s 21st birthday celebration week-end.  I am not even going to hop onto a scale until next Friday because I am pretty certain I have some ugly truths that I don’t want to look at.  It will be a week of detoxing from nachos for me! Back to business for eating healthy and getting on track.

Tre already gave me a pretty rough time when he saw me eating leftover nachos today so I knew I was going to have to do a blog confession.  Way to hold me accountable Tre!  No, I don’t think you will be getting a treat for a while either…works both ways smarty pants.