Elysia’s Goals

I’ve had to update this a few times as life changes, but here it goes again!

My goals from here on out is to just not give up. It’s to stop kidding myself and know what it takes to lose weight. It’s sacrificing a little time to get a work out in, or to give up pizza a few times. It’s being true to myself and trying hard to achieve my desired results. THOSE are some goals that I can strive for.

More than ever I’ve learned that weight loss is just as much emotional as it is logical. We all “know” how to lose weight, but the hardest part is knowing how to react to it and look at it in a positive light. It’s changing your relationship with food from comforting to fueling. It’s looking at a workout as progress and not a chore. It’s not giving in and proving to yourself that you CAN do it. Thanks to my juice fast (April 15th through April 25th) I was able to realize that my relationships with these things needed work, and I was able to work them out within myself. This is probably the biggest accomplishment out of anything.

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