In The Clouds

I guess Apple figured that since my head seems to be in the clouds that they might as well make me migrate my systems there, too.  Yesterday I received my threat reminder that I needed to get my account moved to iCloud.  I am pretty tech savvy but I sat here staring at my iMac, my iPad and my iPhone as they began to scream out while I began the process.  Apple tries to simplify the transition by saying, “click here”.  “Click Here” should be defined very clearly as “Be prepared to spend weeks trying to sort out what you just did.”  If I were going to need to call in a psychic medium to contact Steve Jobs to get this handled, there should have been a disclaimer somewhere on the page. Rumor has it that if you take a photo that the new Photo Stream will stream that photo from the iCloud to my iPad etc.. REALLY?  I went to the iCloud and there is no picture in my iCloud or anywhere else for that matter besides the iPhone that I took it on. When I used Bluetooth to pair my iPad with my iMac it said thank you, you may now use your headset.  What???  What headset?  And now my iPad is still not connected.  My bluetooth headset isn’t even charged, on, or in the vicinity of this thing.  I am going to juice a few extra apples today in protest of my iCloud migration frustration.  I am a spell it all out kind of girl when it comes to these migration issues:

  1. Grab your cup of coffee.
  2. You comfortable?  If yes, turn on your iPad and proceed to #3.  If you are not comfortable, let’s talk about that for a moment shall we?  Feel better?  Great…now proceed to #3.
  3. Go to your settings, turn on blah blah blah, then do blah blah blah.

What I really don’t want to read about is what you are going to do for me.  Apple, show me what you are going to do for me.  Spell it out, it has been a long week. I want to see that you care. *Pauses to go juice some apples…

Ah, I feel better. Now that I have had three cups of coffee and enough juiced carrots that Easter may be called off, I think I can tackle this issue.

In other news…

I am completely excited about the picture that I took on my trip to the ocean with Elysia.  It has been turned into a poster and yesterday I framed it in a nice espresso wooden frame.  I think it needs a mat but I will worry about that later.  I can not wait to get this put up in my home office.  Watching the ocean on a stormy day is one of my favority things that brings me such joy.  The raging water symbolizes strength for me and as the waves crash against the shore I am reminded to keep pushing no matter what life throws at me.

Ok, so not the best photo angle but I was trying to reduce the glare.  I had to take the shot by turning off the lights and by then turning on my flash.  It looks far better than this gives it credit for.

Once I put a mat in this, it will be perfect.  I am then going to have the photos that I took of the seagulls made in to 8×10’s and 11×13’s and have them put in my office as well.  Put on a little Diane King, pour an island drink and I have created an instant adventure!  I am just good like that. ; )

Take It Or Leave It…

Set the mood for your life.  When I exercise I put on high-energy music, the kind that makes me want to keep my body moving.  When I am relaxing, I tend to put on my Smooth Jazz or Classical playlist and sip on a glass of wine.  When I am playful I turn on my playlist with Reggae and Salsa and when I am heading out to have a good time I turn on my Pop/Rap playlist.  I even have Romance and Sexy playlists…you figure that one out.  Music is energy and it can relax or excite you.  Use music in your life to set or enhance your mood, or just help you get through your day. This song by Mica Paris helps me get through mine, Enjoy!




9 thoughts on “In The Clouds

  1. Thank you for dropping by, earlier.

    Apple wants you to believe, it’s really simple but, as you point out if, you ever need to find the details of what you did, it could be a closed window:-) Apple would do well to offer a right click on specific items, offering a ‘targeted detail’ option.

    Windows, on the other hand adds superfluous detail that is never used by, ……anybody. All those extra files on the hard drive…..for, everybody.

    • And thank YOU for the follow. : )
      The truth is…I couldn’t live without my Apple products, I am a geek to the very….core. I am pretty certain there was something a little weird there with switching from mobileme to iCloud but I will figure it out. I am both PC and MAC savvy but prefer a MAC hands down. : )

  2. Oh, you hit on a nerve with me!

    My husband – well, I won’t tell you what he does, but he’s involved with technology at the highest level, and he has very real concerns about the security issues surrounding the new cloud technology.

    Basically (if I understand him correctly), it’s putting all your eggs in one basket, and makes it very easy for identity and content thieves to grab your stuff / identity. Not good. It also makes it easier for surveillance / government entities (not necessarily your OWN government – remember China’s government has been cracking google lately, as has Iran’s) to “grab everything” from one person all in one hit.

    Separate identities, and separate accounts is best. DON’T link everything together – I know it sounds nice and easy, but you’re setting yourself up for attack. Don’t be seduced by the whole “single userID” options either. Way risky – and you make it even easier that the likelihood of your passwords and details will be stolen by thieves.

    Yep. I wouldn’t go “the cloud”. No way, Jose!

  3. Love listening to your music picks. This one was very inspiring. You actually went to iTunes to check it out (I bought it). 🙂
    One of my favorites is The Last Day by Marilyn Scott. Puts me in “go get ’em mode”. Have a good one.

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